WP Anti Hack File Monitor

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Watch the Video to see the plugin in action! Hackers are attacking the websites to modify it s code and perform malicious activities. For example they likes to force the website to send spam e mails. They modify the files so these actions are performed in the background. In some cases you won t even notice that your website were hacked because it acts normally. This is why you need a file monitor ĘC a script which can detect any file modification/creation/deletion. But having just a file monitor is not enough. You need to have all 3. Backup, ...
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Woocommerce SMS to customer

CodeCanyon Woocommerce SMS to customer 10018598

Plugin \ eCommerce \ WooCommerce \ Gateways
Send easily SMS to your WooCommerce customers 4 popular API included Woocommerce SMS to customer includes 4 popular SMS Gateway APIs : Nexmo , Twilio , MessageBird and ClickSend . Most of the included SMS gateways offer a free trial, so you will be able to test features before purchasing any balance ! When your trial balance is 0 you need Easy configuration First choose an API, create an account on its website, then get your API key(s). Next configure your message, and you are ready to send SMS to your customers ! Individual and bulk sending ...
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Umbrella Text Messager

CodeCanyon Umbrella Text Messager 126006

Script \ PHP Script \ Miscellaneous
Umbrella Text Messager (UTM for short) is an entirely object oriented library for PHP that provides a common interface for multiple SMS gateway services and manages the hassles normally involved with each of them, enabling developers to conveniently send dynamic text messages with minimal code. Length limitations are not an issue because UTM will automatically split up long messages while intelligently maintaining readability by ensuring that partial words are not left at the beginning or end of message segments. Other features like multiple ...
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