Dwarf Castle set

GraphicRiver Dwarf Castle set 12807264

Stock Graphic \ Game Asset \ Backgrounds
This is castle design similar to Heroes 3 concept. This set contains set of 7 buildings of dwarf army units and 1 for hero tent + 1 main building.This design were used in Game Land of wonders available here at google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id com.ugiugiugi.test All of them were prepare in purpose of turn base strategy game, but might be lavaraged as well as a part of RPG game. I reccomend to use it with this set which fit it: http://graphicriver.net/item/dwarf army game sprite sheet/12236956 Important: bottom line is ...
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Dwarf Sitting on a Roof

GraphicRiver Dwarf Sitting on a Roof 12639948

Stock Vector \ Decorative \ Backgrounds
Black and white image of a dwarf sitting on a roof of hous and readign book
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Dwarf Planet Ceres

VideoHive Dwarf Planet Ceres 11814781

Stock Footage \ Motion Graphic \ Backgrounds \ Space
A close flyby to Dwarf Planet Ceres. 4k Video.
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Dwarf Birch On The Rock

VideoHive Dwarf Birch On The Rock 2228639

Stock Footage \ Nature
dwarf birch growing on the rock
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Gnome Character

GraphicRiver Gnome Character 5987734

Stock Vector \ Characters \ Miscellaneous
Eps, Ai and High Res Jpg and PNG files included | 100% resizable and easy to change colours | Colour: cmyk
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Blue Star 1

VideoHive Blue Star 1 9820749

Stock Footage \ Motion Graphic \ Backgrounds \ Space
Lovely 3K shot of a distant blue/white star. This 20 second shot of the camera drifting towards the distant star, appears to be either an O Class or a B Class star; which usually have several times the mass of our own Sun. O and B Class stars are very rare compared to orange and yellow stars, and they are considerably more luminous. Examples of such stars include Alnitak, Mintaka, Bellatrix and Rigel; one of the brightest stars in the night sky. Perfect for use in a sci fi scene or a documentary on stars and astronomy. 2880& 215;1620, ...
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Activeden Pluto 4210514

Flash Template \ Animations \ Animated Objects
Dwarf Planet Pluto for flash CS4 CONTENT : 2 Clips Night and Day + starfieldClip this file is included in the SolarSystemBigPack
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