Image Hotlinking Tracker

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Like many other website owners, you may face situations when other webmasters will try to directly link to your images from their pages without your permission. This program tracks the hotlinked image requests and keeps the records so that you could analyze them. local address of the hotlinked image date and time of the request URL address of the remote webpage that requested the image Add your rules and get control over the way your hotlinked images will be shown on remote websites. Watermark your hotlinked images with your company logo, your ...
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Country Detect & Redirect

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Class that lookup& 8217;s for a country code then it redirects (include files, or callbacks) the user to desired content you want. The function of this class is like Google that redirects users from countries that support google e.g. in UK when you enter you will be redirected to and this is exactly what you can do with CountryDetector This class is builded in static context for purpose of best usage. Also it is very easy to implement Update: 21 Nov, 2012 We present you two new functions to simplify the work of handling ...
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