Secure File Upload Class

CodeCanyon Secure File Upload Class 121992

Script \ PHP Script \ Loaders and Uploaders
Key Features Easily upload any type of file Securely restrict the types of files allowed by setting white and blacklists for the mime type, the type, and the file extension. The file size can be limited to prevent your users uploading huge files. Support compression of images Supports creating thumbnails With this class you can easily secure your upload forms, you have the ability to restrict the files allowed in a number of ways. You can also compress uploaded images to save disk space or create thumbnail images from them with a set width, or ...
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Automatic and Self-reliant Caching System

CodeCanyon Automatic and Self-reliant Caching System 7006945

Script \ PHP Script \ Miscellaneous
What is it? Automatic and Self reliant Caching System (ASCS) provides a facade for many media files that can be served static. It also transforms files for better speed and efficient output. ASCS provides options to minify, GZip, and cache the file the serve it to the browser much faster with a dramatically reduced file size, and with identification for better caching so that after initial load the loading speed is noticeably faster. Demo Visit: Username: admin Password: password Why should I use ASCS? It improves ...
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