75 Bingo Balls Centered

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75 Bingo Balls for your casino, bingo or other type of gambling design. Each file is 1024X1024px and there are 75 images of each bingo ball. Realistic design with reflection.
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Auto Centered Content

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Flash Template \ Utilities \ Stage Positioning
Description. This is a full screen flash file. Resize the window to see the effect All content within the & 8220;content mc& 8221; movieclip is always centered on the stage When resized the content slides to center with a nice ease Also included. a background image/movieclip is adjusted to fit the whole screen/stage and adjusts accordingly. This works best with colored or gradient movieclips, not images as it will scale the image IMPORTANT This file uses mcTween & 38; swfObject which is INCLUDED in the download. In order for this to work you ...
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