Dynamic xml slide with easing v2

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Flash Template \ Utilities \ Scrollbars \ Combo Boxes
Dynamic xml slide with easing v2 1.scroll xml content with easing 2.support mousewheel scroll 3.support mouse coordinates scroll 4.auto adapted scroll content width 5.easy add image and links with xml What& 8217;s new in V2? 1.this file can using show case 2.added item preloading 3.added interactive effect Related. My Portfolio. New Files flash website template Dynamic image or video gallery Dynamic news with xml Dynamic Text scroll with easing Dynamic xml scroll with easing Dynamic Auto slideshow menu and button other
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horizontal menu

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Flash Template \ Menus \ Buttons \ Horizontal Menus
tweened actionscript 3.0 horizontal menu
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Preloading 3 SWFS V2

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Flash Template \ Preloaders \ Percentage Based
it has been trimmed, fixed, updated, trained, etc& 8230;. unlike the previous version, this one no longer has multiple scenes& 8230;. and you can easily add more swfs following the structure& 8230; the main swf is 1kb, the others depened on what you are preloading& 8230; if you have any questions please send me an email thru my profile page& 8230; Buttons and Audioplayer are graphics only. They are not working buttons.
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Business Solution v 2.0

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Flash Template \ Site Templates \ Corporate \ Business
Business Solution v 2.0 This is a nice business / corporate solution web template. All contents are XML driven All thumbnail images are externally loaded jpg& 8217;s You have a nice image menu , on mouse over it shows a short description about that link and its corresponding image. A fully functional preloader is attached with this site A digital clock is attached for your convenience. A looping sound is attached in the library, replace this with yours, but remember to keep the Linkage name same bg?. A sound controller controlling the sound ...
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Alignable Triangles Photo Menu

Activeden Alignable Triangles Photo Menu 111454

Flash Template \ Menus \ Buttons \ Horizontal Menus
This is a nice menu with flying triangles animation, which can show photos with each page you select. Action script and XML file are well commented. Please check comments in the XML file for how to use help. SETTINGS These settings can be controlled in this XML file& 8230; 1. alphaspeed & 8211; speed for alpha animations & 8211; greater the speed, slower the animation 2. imagecolorstrength & 8211; strength for image color effect 3. itembackcolor & 8211; background color of an item 4. itembordercolor & 8211; border color of an item 5. ...
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smooth gallery

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Flash Template \ Image Viewers \ Image Galleries
A smooth autosizing XML driven gallery. With unlimited pictures/(swf). Funcionality. Images/swf compability Unlimited images/swf files Smooth auto resizing, regardless of the picture/(swf) dimensions The description text is CSS and HTML formated, allowing to change it to your needs Pictures and the descriptions are easy to configurate through an external XML file Currently the swf feature is still not working, I was very busy the last month. I& 8217;ll fix it as soon as possible now. Doushite
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5-in-1 Corporate XML Menu Pack

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Flash Template \ Menus \ Buttons \ Horizontal Menus
Description 5 in 1 Corporate XML Menu Pack is a simple slide up menu designed for full customization through xml. Features 1. Multiple Horizontal buttons. 2. 5 different colors & 8211; Black, White, Orange, Blue and Green. 3. Easy and simple XML editing.
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Flash Developer Toolbar AS2 v1.0

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Flash Template \ Utilities \ Miscellaneous
Useful Toolbar for flash developers. Just include an unique MC in your project to start using it. The tools included are. 01. HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL RULERS Activate and click drag them to measure your items in the Stage. 02. GRID Activate to see a full screen grid overlapping your content, so you can adjust your design to a concrete scheme. 03. MOUSE (X, Y) POSITION INFORMATION Constant info about your exact Stage Mouse position. Useful for testing. 04. MEASURE TOOL Click and drag to draw squares with Height& 38;Width information. Useful for ...
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XML News Reader

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Flash Template \ Utilities \ News Readers
A strong and stylish news Reader Special Features. Supports HTML TXT Supports unlimited number of news items Support unlimited length of news supports unlimited length of news Title: Title will tween and move as a marquee to show its full text easily customized via xml Build and coded cleanly XML customization. backAlpha: alpha(opaque) of items (news item, background of text.) backColor: Color of news item, background of text, buttons backColor2: Color of items when rolled over them txtColor: Color of text txtColor2: color of text when rolled ...
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AS3 Visit and Share to Social Networks

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Flash Template \ Utilities \ Miscellaneous
Always wanted to share your page to social networks in flash? Now it& 8217;s easy. This system automatically picks up the link from your page and shares it to the social network you selected! You don& 8217;t have to add the link yourself. Just click an icon, and the file will do the rest! Features 1. Small file size! only 39kb 2. Easy to install! Just drag and drop! 3. No Actionscript knowledge required! 4. Easy to customize and change graphics! More Social Sharing For Both AS2 and AS3. Social Sharing Compact Widgets! For AS2 and AS3.
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