Cardboard Box Popup Menu

Activeden Cardboard Box Popup Menu 411352

Flash Template \ Menus \ Buttons \ Buttons
Characterised cardboard box with eyes that follow the mouse. When the box is clicked it pops open and a menu springs out. The file is simple to use and edit. Eyes and box reflection can easily be removed. Box sides can easily be changed to suit your own branding/colour scheme. Menu buttons can be removed / added / altered.
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Flash Background Color Splash and Preloader

Activeden Flash Background Color Splash and Preloader 473826

Flash Template \ Animations \ Animated Backgrounds
This Flash Background Color Splash Effect allows you to add a splash of color to any PNG / JPG / GIF image, logo, or MovieClip. This animation creates impressive effects for any visual element. Features. 5 different Animations types, including ColorWheel, random, black to white, white to black, and random grey (view each effect in the preview file by clicking the buttons on the bottom) easily target which movieclip to apply the effect to easily change the size of the color splat animation Example of class call var ...
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MenuTwo deeplinking XML driven dropdown menu

Activeden MenuTwo deeplinking XML driven dropdown menu 73704

Flash Template \ Menus \ Buttons \ Horizontal Menus
MenuTwo is XML driven dropdown menu with integrated deep linking support (SWFAddress). It supports back/forward browser buttons, unique addresses and page titles. It& 8217;s easy to use and configure and very customizable. Most common menu functionality is already built in MenuTwo, like timeline navigation or external content loading, and each button can run multiple actions. Everything can be set from XML. Check preview for more info. Note: You need to remove top frame from preview to enable deep linking
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XML Thumbnail Banner Slider

Activeden XML Thumbnail Banner Slider 67054

Flash Template \ Image Viewers \ Image Galleries
If you want a simple, elegant and effective way to display your work, this banner offers that plus more. It also now includes a slide show feature that is configurable through XML It is written in AS3 and uses an XML file to add or remove projects. You can insert JPGs, PNGs, GIFs and even SWFs (as seen in the & 8216;Blobs.and stuff& 8217; project). You are also able to add a link to the main image display. If you do not want it to be a link, you just leave the <url> tag empty. You can get various looks and feels to this just by editing ...
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XML Flip Card Gallery

Activeden XML Flip Card Gallery 87994

Flash Template \ Image Viewers \ Image Galleries
UPDATE on 26th Feb. 2010 & 8211; Initiation of the movement has been fixed. Previous buyers: Please redownload! The XML Flip Card Gallery is a customizable Image Gallery, based on a simple XML file holding the path to the images and the image descriptions. This makes adding or changing images and texts pretty easy. Also it is fully customizable in terms of form, size and colors. Features Fully dynamic and updatable due to XML backend Short loading times due to external image loading Loads JPG , GIF and PNG images as well SWF files HTML texts ...
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Dynamic AS3 Fullscreen Gradient Background

Activeden Dynamic AS3 Fullscreen Gradient Background 75617

Flash Template \ Utilities \ Backgrounds
Updated! Make sure to download the new Files Dynamic AS3 Fullscreen Gradient Background This Product consists of & 8220;7& 8221; files. Main Flash Project File: preview.fla (Empty) HTML File: index.html (CSS reference inside the Header) SWF File: preview.swf CSS Document: style.css (Removes the Margin inside Browsers) Document Class: (Main Class which holds the AS3 code, to instantiate a Gradient from the Gradient Class) Gradient Class: (Packaged into the following structure: com/yourdomain/utils/ A ...
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Business Services V1

Activeden Business Services V1 63208

Flash Template \ Site Templates \ Corporate \ Business
This is a nice business / corporate solution web template for your corporate website. This business template is XML driven and support [ CDATA ] tags so you can customize the color, font, font size and other HTML attributes easily This business template consists of News reader module where you can load as many news as required This business template contains nice scrolling text fields with masking effect This business template contains a small slideshow which acts as an intro or landing page This business template contains fully validated ...
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Elegant Image Photo Explorer

Activeden Elegant Image Photo Explorer 90403

Flash Template \ Image Viewers \ Image Explorers
This is an image explorer with a nice elegant style. Updates Mouse wheel scrolling added, wherever required. Features 1. Easily editable, just via XML . 2. You can show unlimited number of folders and images. 3. Mouse wheel scrolling is available for zooming in and out. 4. The flow is quite flexible& 8230; you can click a different image while one is already loading& 8230; while any image description is beng shown& 8230; so you do not have to wait or do extra clicks. 5. Zooming is done for a particular number of levels and you can easily ...
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Animated Proportional Strip Background

Activeden Animated Proportional Strip Background 77184

Flash Template \ Utilities \ Backgrounds
This module allows your Flash project to have a background that is subtle, but animated. Everything is created strictly from code, so it has a very quick load time, and small file size. Features. ¡¤Automatic Centering ¡¤Automatic Sizing ¡¤Instant Sizing ¡¤No Pixelation You can easily change the gradient colors in Flash by editing the two hexadecimal color values. This module is ready to use immediately after download.
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Simple Calendar with Unlimited Events

Activeden Simple Calendar with Unlimited Events 93189

Flash Template \ Utilities \ Time \ Date
To see the events in action scroll in calendar to April/May of 2011. Clean and simple calendar for your events. You can resize the whole calendar over xml including text size and position of every element, without the need for opening flash files. Easy to change font (instructions included). Features. Display date formatted by month:day:year or day:month:year Change day and month names over xml Unlimited Events per day Change all colors through xml Resize whole calendar through xml Set text sizes through xml Event description text is HTML ...
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