PHP Contact form with radio button & check box V2

Activeden PHP Contact form with radio button & check box V2 234283

Flash Template \ Utilities \ Forms
This is a PHP ready Contact form with multiple recipients support . Through which a visitor to your site can send his details, query and message to you, and those details are Posted to your e mail account. Features. The Contact form is in a form of Movie Clip so just drag & 38; drop it into your project Multiple Recipients support , you can choose departments or mail id where you intend to send your mail. E.g.; if your mail is finance related it would go to the finance department, if it is admin related then the mail would be sent to the admin ...
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3D Under Construction Animation

Activeden 3D Under Construction Animation 40300

Flash Template \ Animations \ Animated Objects
3D Under Construction Animation Free Loader. Just upload main.swf, Scripts and index.html in main directory of your web. Only 612kb. (1 second download for DSL users). ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Under Construction Clock Visit my complete portfolio
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FJ Welcome Window & Update Notification System

Activeden FJ Welcome Window & Update Notification System 34127

Flash Template \ Utilities \ Miscellaneous
INFO Welcome Window & 8211; Update Notification System and Preloader. Size 80kb (but if you change the & 8216;moviestar& 8217; font to something more simple the filesize can be as low as 18kb) moviestar font available for free at & 8216; 8217; NOTE & 8211; PREVIEW IS FAKED SO THAT WHEN YOU VISIT THE FIRST TIME, YOU SEE THE WELCOME PAGE, WHEN YOU VISIT THE SECOND TIME YOU SEE THE UPDATES PAGE, AND WHEN YOU VISIT AFTER THAT YOU SEE THE, & 8216;NO UPDATES& 8217; PAGE If you want to test this several times, you will need to clear your & ...
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Gallery FLASH v8

Activeden Gallery FLASH v8 34933

Flash Template \ Image Viewers \ Miscellaneous
Easy gallery FLASH V8. you can add swf, jpg, png & 8230;.etc files you can change time slide in xml file you can add description image ( css Style ) photographs are becoming smaller automatically to the size of the window you can change easy WIDTH and HEIGHT gallery in xml file you can change easy align positionX and positionY in fla file in first frame (default align X and Y its center) . function onResize() { model.width (Configuration.WIDTH & 8221;100%& 8221; ) ? Stage.width : Configuration.WIDTH model.height (Configuration.HEIGHT & ...
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One by One Banner

Activeden One by One Banner 239917

Flash Template \ Image Viewers \ Banner Rotators
You can customize each part of the banner(separate image, text) easily via xml . Recommendations For You jQuery OneByOne Slider Plugin. Features include Driven by pure AS3 document class. XML driven content, optional XML location, you can customize your own rotator with a simple text editor. Optional auto delay slideshow, you can turn on/off it via xml. Optional button color. You can customize each image& 8217;s link and position via xml. You can customize each text& 8217;s width, color, size, link and position via xml. Self componented, so ...
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Clean 2 Level Menu with Deeplinking AS3 01

Activeden Clean 2 Level Menu with Deeplinking AS3 01 237709

Flash Template \ Menus \ Buttons \ Horizontal Menus
An important component for your website. Control the contents of your website or even send gotoAndPlay or gotoAndStop commands to the main timeline. Load swfs as your modules or redirect the users to another location. Resizeable and very easy to use! IMPORTANT NOTES . close the black bar on top the preview page (if any) to let the menu make use of the deep linking feature use the support forum for posting questions This is a 2 level menu with deeplinking and autohide. The component is resizeable, you can set gotoAndPlay, gotoAndStop, load a ...
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Smart XML Calendar 2 AS2

Activeden Smart XML Calendar 2 AS2 136508

Flash Template \ Utilities \ Time \ Date
Features Calendar can display events in a month grid or days stack. Calendar supports multiday events . Meaning the event can be repeated over multiple consecutive days, including over 2 consecutive months if needed. Each event can have it& 8217;s own color for easier grouping of the events or you can apply universal color to it. Calendar supports Sunday to Saturday and Monday to Sunday layout. Each day can have virtually unlimited amount of events. Events can be time stamped for users to know when event takes place. Event can auto open if it& ...
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XML Simplicity Gallery With Slideshow V3

Activeden XML Simplicity Gallery With Slideshow V3 79805

Flash Template \ Image Viewers \ Image Galleries
I appreciate if you can rate my item after buying, thanks Note: Please Remove Frame to preview if your screen is not big enough. Features include Driven by pure AS3 document class. XML driven content. Resizable image size. Optional image link. Optional image caption with HTML support. Optional slideshow delay second. Grid thumbnails and arrow button navigation support. Sequence preload , the thumbnails will load one by one. Fullscreen support. Keyboard shortcut support: space key to toggle the slideshow, f key to toggle the fullscreen. Support ...
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Activeden AstroGame 71083

Flash Template \ Games \ Action
Is an arcade game set on the space where you have to fight against the enemies coming down the screen. The AI of the game is simple, and difficulties increase as soon as your score raise up . I wrote this game using OOP paradigm so it can be easily extended adding more types of enemies, or features like bonus, weapon etc etc. If you want to try it move the ship with the arrow keys and press Space to fire the enemies, collect the bonus and enjoy.
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XML 3D Grid Card

Activeden XML 3D Grid Card 459873

Flash Template \ Image Viewers \ Banner Rotators
Features include Driven by pure AS3 document class. XML driven content, optional XML location. Self componented, so you can load it to another swf. Optional auto delay slideshow. Optional grid columns. Sequence loading, the images will be loaded one by one. Optional gradient background via XML . Optional text clip with position, size and color. Optional image size. Optional link style: blank, self or parent. Images support many file type: jpg , png and gif . Credit The pictures in example 2 are from Simon The pictures in example 3 are most ...
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