Monkey mesh

3DOcean Monkey mesh 11691450

3D Model
This is a low poly mesh of a cartoon monkey mesh. I hope you enjoy this model.
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Exterior Metal Shed

3DOcean Exterior Metal Shed 11673195

3D Model \ Buildings and Architecture \ Buildings
This is a basic exterior metal shed that is common with small communities, such as a mobile home park. There is an interior frame with exterior metal sheeting, front and rear crest panels, roof, roof trim, corner trim and structure pad.
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Low Poly Loot Set

3DOcean Low Poly Loot Set 11679582

3D Model \ Deco Objects
This low poly loot set has over 100 pieces of useful items that can be used as loot, power ups or pickup items. This set comes with individual textures for groups of items such as food, fruits, treasure, trophies and more as well as with an atlas version where all items are combined on one texture.
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Mountain 3

3DOcean Mountain 3 11708727

3D Model \ Nature \ Rocks
mountain 3 ..........poly.4802 .vert.2403. .4096 4096 texture. .obj,fbx,blend format model.
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Citroen Relay Window Van L2H2 2006-2014

3DOcean Citroen Relay Window Van L2H2 2006-2014 11719775

3D Model \ Vehicles \ Land \ Cars
Let me represent you high poly 3D model of Citroen Relay Window Van L2H2 2006 2014 with high detail. The model is created in real size. This model is created in Autodesk Maya 2012, visualization (rendering) C Mental Ray. If necessary, the product is easy to change or modify. Autodesk Maya mb file contains all the Mental Ray materials and render setup. Other format without Mental Ray materials. The model is suitable for extream high quality render. Includes formats: .mb, .obj, .fbx, .3ds, .max, .lwo, .xsi, .c4d. Thank you for choosing this ...
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Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R coupe 1989

3DOcean Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R coupe 1989 11733579

3D Model \ Vehicles \ Land \ Cars
The 3D model was created on real car base. It s created accurately, in real units of measurement, qualitatively and maximally close to the original. Model formats. .max (3ds Max 2008 scanline) .max (3ds Max 2008 vray) .fbx (Multi Format) .obj (Multi Format) .3ds (Multi Format) .mb (Maya 8.5) .lwo (Lightwave 6) .c4d (Cinema 4D 11) tire s texture is not included in the set. renders Are made in 3ds Max 2008 using vray 1.5 (studio environment is not included in the set) If you need any other formats we are more than happy to make them for you. The ...
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Mountain 2

3DOcean Mountain 2 11727140

3D Model \ Nature \ Rocks
mountain 2...........polygon.3500. vertices.1752. 4096 4096 texture. OBJ,FBX,BLEND, FORMAT MODEL,
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3DOcean Oranges 11741150

3D Model \ Food and Drinks
a bowl of oranges
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Ceiling Lamp

3DOcean Ceiling Lamp 11731579

3D Model \ Furnishings \ Lamps
Luxury ceiling lamp. Orange colour, It has tree spotlights.
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Cartoon deer RIGGED

3DOcean Cartoon deer RIGGED 11712886

3D Model \ Animals \ Mammals
cute Cartoon deer made with 3D Studio Max 8 In Max version only, the model is rigged (mouth, spine, pelvis, head, arms, legs, feet, neck). The grass is obtained with the plugins Hair and Fur , included in 3D Studio MAx tools. The scene in Max files are exactly the same than the presentation pictures with background and volume light effect and flowers. No special render engine needed, just unzip and render. The model is finely skined, the mesh is clean and Quad only, is very easy to anime, and perfect for game. Some morphing targets are set for ...
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